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Welcome to Our Practice:
Oral Surgeons in Warren, NJ

At Warren Oral Surgery in Warren, NJ, we pride ourselves on our compassionate and hardworking staff that is committed to the maintenance of your optimal oral health. If you require wisdom teeth removal, full mouth restoration or dental implants in New Jersey, you can be sure that our experienced oral surgeons and surgical assistants have the knowledge, equipment, and state-of-the-art facilities to get the job done.

Our office is designed to offer the services you need quickly and easily in our brand new custom built 4,000 sq ft beautiful facility located in the center of Warren township. We are ready to perform wisdom tooth surgery, placement of dental implants and many other oral surgical procedures in a very patient comfortable environment. Additionally, we offer general anesthesia/iv sedation, nitrous oxide (laughing gas) in an extremely safe environment with an extremely well trained surgical staff.

Warren Oral Surgery is always very accommodating to emergency patients who are in pain. There are three extremely capable experienced oral surgeons on staff and they are open six days per week only being closed on Sundays. The team at Warren Oral Surgery will be able to take away the pain that you are experiencing in an extremely urgent matter without delay.

Friendly Staff

Warren Oral Surgery was founded with a clear goal of building a practice with the patient’s well-being as the primary focus. Our staff consists of a dedicated team who live the practice’s mission statement daily – “placing the well-being of the patient first.”

Daniel Sullivan, DDS - Central New Jersey Oral Surgeon

Dr. Sullivan

Prakhar Mehrotra, DDS - Central New Jersey Oral Surgeon

Dr. Mehrotra

Prakhar Mehrotra, DDS - Central New Jersey Oral Surgeon

Dr. Aramphongphan (Dr. Gift)

Cone Beam CT Scanner in Warren, NJ

High Tech Office

Warren Oral Surgery is a fully digital office with all electronic records, digital films and online forms. The office is equipped with a high resolution, low radiation Cone Beam CT scanner that provides an instant 3-D image. The placement of dental implants is much more precise with the integrated software utilized by the CT scan. This technology allows the surgeons to perform a virtual surgery prior to the actual surgery. The surgical equipment is state-of-the-art, including operating facilities with advanced lighting systems and computerized equipment.

Our Technology

Specialists in Oral Surgery

Warren Oral Surgery has served the community for a decade with their expertise in oral surgery, providing services such as wisdom teeth removal, routine extractions, placement of dental implants and the All-On-4 procedure with dental implants.

Our Services
Warren Oral Surgery Operatory Room

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