Five Reasons Why Your Oral Surgeon May Recommend Tooth Extraction

Impacted Wisdom ToothDental professionals try to preserve your natural teeth whenever they can, but sometimes it isn’t possible. Our oral surgeons evaluate your teeth to determine whether an injured or diseased tooth can be saved or if a tooth extraction is your best option. There are five common reasons to remove a tooth. If any of these reasons apply to you, a consultation with one of the surgeons at Warren Oral Surgery and Dental Implant Center ensures you understand the how and why of your tooth extraction.

Severe Tooth Decay

When decay has penetrated the enamel and dentin and reached the tooth’s center, tooth extraction is usually needed. Bacteria from decay can infect the pulp, leading to complications. A root canal may remove the pulp and treat the infection, but it is not always successful. Extraction may be necessary to prevent the infection from spreading to other teeth or the jawbone and surrounding tissues.

Impacted Teeth

Although wisdom teeth are most likely to become impacted, other teeth may also become trapped in the jaw. When impacted, teeth may damage adjacent teeth or push them out of alignment. If you suffer from toothaches, headaches, or jaw pain that may indicate a tooth is impacted, it is essential to see an oral surgeon as soon as possible.

We recommend having wisdom teeth extracted in your teens or twenties for many individuals. This can prevent impacted wisdom teeth, which are not medically necessary and often lead to pain, infection, or abscess later in life.

Treating Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease can infect the gums, ligaments, and bones supporting your teeth. Gingivitis is the mildest form of periodontal (gum) disease. More severe infections affect the ligaments and bones and can lead to loose teeth that may need to be extracted to prevent further infection. Once all traces of periodontal disease are eliminated, your oral surgeon may be able to replace the extracted tooth with an implant or bridge.


An orthodontist may recommend seeing an oral surgeon to have specific teeth extracted if there is not enough room in the mouth for all your teeth. Overcrowding can lead to crooked, overlapping teeth or problems with the teeth meeting correctly. Often, overcrowding prevents an orthodontist from successfully treating crooked or misaligned teeth until one or more teeth are extracted. After tooth extraction, the jawbone has more room for the remaining teeth to be moved into alignment using braces or aligners.

Traumatic Injuries

Car accidents, falls, sports injuries, and being hit in the face can all cause severe damage to the face, jaw, and teeth. Although we always strive to preserve damaged teeth and restore them to health, this is not always possible. If the tooth is completely broken off or has cracks that cannot be repaired, tooth extraction may be the best option.

At Warren Oral Surgery and Dental Implant Center, our goal is always to preserve your teeth if possible. When tooth extraction is the only choice, we perform the removal in our state-of-the-art office, explaining every step of the process to our patients.

If your dentist or orthodontist suggests tooth extraction, please get in touch with our office to schedule a consultation with one of our oral surgeons. Call our office at Warren Oral Surgery Phone Number 908-222-7922, and one of our staff will schedule a convenient time to discuss your options.

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