Dental Implants: The Best Choice for Tooth Replacement

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All I want for Christmas is implant teeth! Truly, missing teeth is no party, and the holidays—when you have time off—might be the perfect time to get the dental implant process started. Because it is indeed a journey, and it certainly takes time, but the rewards of counting down the days to a full set of healthy teeth are well worth the wait.

Check out the frequently asked questions below and move implant teeth to the top of your wish list for Santa today!

What are the food restrictions with dental implants?

There are none!

One of the worst parts of missing teeth is the damper it puts on your eating habits. Whether it’s one tooth or an entire arch of teeth, there’s no joy in gumming your turkey or bumping those soft gums with crunchy veggies or crusty bread. And if you’re currently using dentures to replace an entire arch of missing teeth, you probably avoid certain holiday favorites to spare yourself embarrassing moments of slippage. Dental implants, on the other hand, function like natural teeth, so they allow feasting at family gatherings to be delicious and worry-free.

How long does a dental implant last?


Dental implants are the gift that keeps on giving. They can last for decades. This is a one-and-done gift to yourself that you won’t have to repeat every time the holidays roll around. In fact, dental implants often last a lifetime. Proper care, such as regular brushing, flossing, and professional cleanings, ensure implants are your longest-lasting option available today.

Is a dental implant worth the extra cost?


With the holidays approaching, you may be tempted to gift yourself the dental implants you’ve always wanted. But you wonder if they’re worth the expense when there are cheaper options out there. Are they worth the extra cost?

The answer to this question lies in what matters most to you. Are you looking for a teeth replacement method that:

  • Lasts at least 3 times longer than other options?
  • Strengthens your jawbone and keeps it healthy?
  • Looks completely natural?
  • Allows you to eat whatever you want?
  • Is permanent?
  • Will never embarrass you by slipping out of place?

If you answer “yes” to the following questions, then yes, they are worth the seemingly high upfront cost. After all, what is the cost of going without?

Where do I get dental implants?

Many dental professionals do dental implants, but at Warren Oral Surgery, we specialize in the full scope of oral surgery and dental implants. That means we spend the majority of our time placing implants and performing oral surgical procedures pertaining to the teeth, gums, and jaw. The specialty of oral surgery requires an additional 4-6 years of hospital training after graduation from dental school.

As the top implant surgeon in the NJ & Somerset County areas, we maintain high-quality standards while investing in extensive training and education to ensure superior implant care.

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