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Five Dental Implant Myths Debunked

Dental implants have been around for 50 years. In the United States, over 3 million people have dental implants, with nearly 500,000 new patients having implant surgery yearly. Despite the popularity of this long-term solution for missing teeth, some myths linger regarding implants. We’ve addressed the top five myths with in-depth answers to put your […]

Are Dental Implants Safe in the Long Run?

Are Dental Implants Safe in the Long Run? Dental implants dramatically improve your ability to eat, speak, and enjoy life after losing your natural teeth. However, many patients worry that there may be safety issues in the long run. Fortunately, dental implants have proven their safety and effectiveness over the last several decades, with millions […]

Get Better Dental Implants with 3D CBCT Technology

3D imaging and modern advances in surgical technology help your doctor plan and place the right implant in the optimal location while significantly reducing the time necessary for recovery. CBCT technology produces 3D panoramic scans of your oral cavity, enabling your oral surgeon to deliver superior surgical results to traditional dental implant placement methods. For […]

Dental Implant Recovery Process Facts and Healing Tips

  The dental implant recovery process does not take as long as you may think. Dental implants are the standard in dentistry for replacing missing teeth. Still, many patients have less than all the facts regarding implant placement surgery and the recovery process. Implant teeth can give you a healthy and beautiful smile if you […]

Dental Implants: The Best Choice for Tooth Replacement

  All I want for Christmas is implant teeth! Truly, missing teeth is no party, and the holidays—when you have time off—might be the perfect time to get the dental implant process started. Because it is indeed a journey, and it certainly takes time, but the rewards of counting down the days to a full […]

What is a jawbone graft and why do I need one?

If you’ve lost a tooth, there’s a high likelihood that your jaw has deteriorated a bit since the tooth went missing. Our teeth provide our jaws with stimulation which keeps the bones in our mouths from breaking down. When we lose a tooth, the stimulation stops, and the bone immediately begins to shrink. A jawbone […]

How 3D Imaging Makes a Difference for Dental Implants

When looking for the best place to get dental implants, make sure to choose a practice that implements cutting-edge technology in their dental implant care. What makes one oral surgeon better than another? The experience of the oral surgeon is extremely important but the technology they use is extremely important as well.   The secret to […]