5 Reasons Dental Implants Are Worth It

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You’ve got missing teeth and you’re trying to decide what to do about it. You know you have to do something soon because smiling and eating have become increasingly troublesome, to say the least. But the options are overwhelming, and some of them, like dental implants, seem downright expensive and invasive. Are they worth the money and time?

Here are 5 reasons our board-certified and experienced orals surgeons at Warren Oral Surgery believe dental implants are worth every penny and upfront effort.

1. Built to Last

You may have heard that with proper care and hygiene, dental implants can last a lifetime. Here’s why. Since they are made of titanium, they have the ability to fuse with your jawbone, creating a lifelike permanence that secures the new tooth in place for the long haul. This means the implant not only is locked in place but also provides the stimulation needed to foster jaw health and keep your smile beaming well into the future. Implants are built to last.

2. Putting Down Roots

The implant itself is a screw that we place in your jaw. This titanium screw acts as the roots of your new artificial tooth and holds the crown that you see above the gum line. This new root system is the game-changer that serves as an anchor for your new tooth while setting the table for minimal bone loss and optimal jaw health. Essentially, these roots keep nearly every aspect of your smile in good shape.

3. The Choice is Yours

One of the most difficult issues of having missing teeth is eating. And many teeth replacement options, like dentures and bridges, only help this problem a little, often recommending you follow a restricted dietary plan. With dental implants, there are no food limitations. When it comes to eating, the choice is yours because dental implants feel and function like natural teeth. They don’t slip and slide, putting a damper on your normal eating habits. Instead, they open up an entire world of eating freedom. You eat what you want when you want it without a care in the world. It’s as if you never lost a tooth.

4. Mum’s the Word

In addition to the seamless function of implant teeth, our patients seem to enjoy the aesthetic benefit of being discreet more than anything. They continually tell us that no one can tell that their new tooth isn’t the real thing. Simply put, dental implants look exactly like a natural tooth. No one knows they’re fake but you.

5. The Most Bang for Your Buck

Money is probably the biggest hurdle to overcome before taking off on the implant journey, but what many patients don’t realize is that this life-changing investment lasts two to three times as long as other traditional teeth replacement methods. Rather than repairing, relining, or replacing lost or broken dentures, implants require minimal care. The truth is, in terms of longevity and cost, dental implants can’t be beat.

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Are dental implants worth it? A thousand times over. When it comes to durability, appearance, and functionality, they are arguably the best teeth replacement method out there. When you choose dental implants, you’re choosing the long-term option that provides the most freedom, confidence, and convenience. Call us to book a consultation today!

Missing Teeth? Consider Dental Implants!

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